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Missouri's Line Up

Web Waterman, lead guitar, and Dan Billings, drums, joined "Missouri" just in time to work on the recording of the second album, "Welcome to Missouri." Following "Missouri," Dan Billings continued his work in the music industry as a sound engineer; he passed away in November 2007 leaving so many of us to remember his smiles and friendliness. The following is a list of the original members of "Missouri":


This great bass man played with Alan Blasco of "Neon Blue " in a group called "Stone Wall" during the sixties and held down a super tight bottom end for that band for five years. Alan Cohen stayed with "Missouri" through the entire run of the band adding great stage presence and vocal harmonies. Alan Cohen was also a very strong influence on "Missouri" helping to write lyrics and contribute to the band his great talent. Sadly, Alan passed on Sept. 18, 2003. We won't find another bass man that good. Take care, Alby.


Bill came to the band because Ron West saw a band called "Westport" and realized that Bill Larson was one of the most steady drummers that he had ever seen in the Mid-West. Bill was the driving force behind the success of the first "Missouri" album. Bill's nickname became "Bigfoot" because at 6'4" and 280lbs, he was always bending and breaking Pearl drum beaters and smashing through the kick drum heads during sellout shows. Although new beaters and heads had to be on constant standby, "Ron West" still wanted this solid, driving beat behind him. Bill Larson is also a big fan of country music and has played with many great local country groups like "Delisa Dawn and Route 66", and "Live Wire". Bill is currently harrassing Ron about doing a new " Missouri " CD.


Lane Tuner came to the band with Bill. Both had played for a few years with the same group. Lane was a great lead guitar player who could be super creative in the studio and also do great jams on stage when needed. As expected, he contributed some super original lead solos for the first album. Lane Turner is currently doing Audio and Video production for "Unity Village" and also does a lot of independant recording on classical, orchestral, and choral recordings for various groups in and around the Kansas City area. Some of his recordings can be heard on National Public Radio.


From Ottawa, Kan., Randall Platt made his mark by being long time keyboard man of the bands "The Lost Souls" and "Ice", in the sixties. Stanley Sheldon, bass man for "The Lost Souls " went from Ottawa on to be main bass player for "Peter Frampton". Stanley still plays bass in and around Lawerence, Kansas. Randall has had his own business now, "Music and Midi Sales" for 10+ years and is also partners with professional harpist, Phyllis Hoffman in "The Hoffman Harp Gallery."


Ron West wrote the song, “Movin’ On,” recalling the ten years in which he experienced life on the road gigging with his brothers and performing every weekend with
The Chesmann. He went on to secure recording contracts for his rock n' roll group, "Missouri," with Panama Records and Polydor Records. The group "Missouri" performed throughout the nation between 1977-1984, and was reestablished with new members for another tour between 1994-1995. Since then, Ron has been busy building up his 24-track ADAT/Computerized studio and learning to use as much of the newest recording software available on the market. He has been successful in recording radio commercials, acoustic and rock groups, and writing new material.


Mark Benton...........................Sound man-Road Manager
"Kirby" Smith...........................Stage man- Monitors
Danny Noger............................Trouble Maker-Fun guy

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